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11/30/2018 12:50 AM

Pinnacle Highland Apartments had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer at The Neighborhood House for #NALSVolunteerWeek2018. The Neighborhood House is a nonprofit daycare facility offering support services to children and frail/aging adults based on their ability to pay. We had a ton of fun volunteering and working together as a team. 😀 . . #neighborhoodhouse #volunteer #donateyourteam #ilovemycommunity #SLC

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  • Double tap if you agree! #HappyMothersDay #MothersDay
  • Here's a #springcleaningtip for a cleaner and brighter apartment this season! Tip #1: Mop, vacuum and shampoo flooring to improve air quality and create a fresh scent. Don't forget to shake your rugs/cushions outside & away from your neighbors opened windows or doors. 😉
  • Meet the Royals:

Jose (Left Side) - Jose is the King of Maintenance! He loves Braza Grill, strawberries, and FC Barcelona. In his spare time, Jose likes to relax, watch movies, and snowboard. 
Aweis (Right Side) - Aweis is a royal member of our maintenance team. He loves Olive Garden, fruit, and jalapeño chips. Aweis also likes to play soccer with his children.

#NALSRoyalty 🤴
  • Meet the Royals:

Derek (Left Side) - Derek is our royal groundskeeper and keeps the castle grounds sparkling! He loves Hoppers, Twix candy cars, and white cake with vanilla frosting. In his spare time, Derek likes to produce and DJ electronic music. 
Allen (Right Side) - Allen is a royal member of our maintenance team. He loves traveling to Mexico, camping, and eating fruit. He has one dog and loves being a grandpa.

#NALSRoyalty 🤴
  • Meet the Royals:

Husam (Left Side) - Husam is our maintenance Assistant Supervisor and he is one of kind! He loves Mazza, dark coffee, and speeding time with his family. 
Sayed (Right Side) - Sayed is an awesome maintenance technician. He loves shopping at outlet malls, pomegranate, and going to Wendover! We are so lucky to have him as a part of our royal court. 
#NALSRoyalty 🤴
  • Meet the Royals:

B.J. (Left Side) - B.J. is a work order extraordinaire! He loves Home Depot, Japanese food, and peanut butter cookies. His favorite things to do are riding dirt bikes, shooting, and working on his 1964 bug.

Ruzdo (Right Side) - Ruzdo is a royal member of our maintenance team. He loves traveling to Mexico, fishing, and eating apples. Ruzdo's favorite sports team is Real Salt Lake! ⚽️ #NALSRoyalty 🤴
  • Meet the Royals:

Jennifer (Left Side) - Jennifer is a true queen! She is an outstanding member of our housekeeping team. She loves Costa Vida, popcorn, the Utah Jazz.

Her favorites activities outside of work are hiking and swimming. 
Anallely (Right Side) - Analley is the newest member of the royal court! We are so excited to have her as a part of our team. Some of her favorite things include sushi, oatmeal, and tres leches.

Annalley loves the Green Bay Packers and dancing.

#NALSRoyalty 👸
  • We are celebrating our Maintenance Team this week. From work orders to safety inspections, they are the behind-the-scenes Kings and Queens that keep our community regal!
#NALSRoyalty #MaintenanceAppreciation
  • It’s time for Maintenance Appreciation Week! The Kings and Queens of Maintenance do a lot for us year round, it’s time to celebrate their noble expertise. We encourage you to participate by stopping by our leasing office and writing a quick thank you note. Also, if you see one of our regal members this week make sure to say, “Hi!” #NALSRoyalty
  • Meet our April Furry Friend of the Month: Alta! 
Meet Alta! 
Hi! My name is Alta. My parents call me Alta Balta when I've been a good girl. I love everything, but especially peanut butter, morning snuggles, and running. Whether I'm chasing my parents on their mountain bikes, jumping into water, or zooming around the yard, I'm happiest when I'm outside letting out all of my puppy energy. 
Alta is coming up on 2 years old. She's an Australian Shepherd mix. She loves to learn new tricks and show off her old ones (especially when a treat is involved). She loves to make new friends--furry and human alike! Alta’s human parents are her best friends and they're the luckiest people to have her in their family! 
Thank you to everyone who entered!

Please keep in mind we have kept all entries from previous months and are submitting them for a chance to become future Furry Friends of the Month! Please inform the office if you’d like for your submission to be withdrawn.
  • Cuteness overload! On #NationaHighFiveDay, don't skip out giving a high five to the animals in your life! Especially the kitties🐱


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